Can I Delete My Avvo Profile?

Can I delete my question on avvo?

Yes, with our help.

You cannot delete your question yourself but we are happy to delete your question for you if you would like.

Include the email address you used to post your question and a link to your question.

We’ll delete your question from the Q&A forum..

How do I edit my Avvo profile?

How do I edit my claimed profile?Sign in to your Avvo account.Go to your Avvo profile.Click Edit Profile at the top of the page.Do any of the following: To add or change an item, click Edit next to the item. To remove an item, click Delete next to the item. To switch back to you public-facing profile, click View your profile at the top of the page.

Is avvo anonymous?

All questions submitted through the Q&A forums are anonymous.

How do I contact avvo?

Your Avvo point-of-contactAvvo is quite helpful in this area. … Sending an email to Twitter, Facebook or Messenger.Or via phone (206)734-4111.All in all, Avvo offers attorneys a variety of methods to get in touch should they need help.

Is avvo com legit?

If you’re wondering if the Avvo Score is reliable in terms of finding a quality attorney my answer to that would be no. Avvo uses a proprietary scoring system based on factors such as reviews, endorsements from other lawyers, and case results to figure out a score between 1 – 10. … But also offer client reviews.

How do I claim my Avvo profile?

How do I claim my profile?Search for your profile by your first and last name in our directory.Choose your claim method. … We’ll send you a confirmation message.Follow the directions in the confirmation email to make sure the process is complete.Once you choose a password, you’re all set!