Question: Are Ford Focus Zetec Good Cars?

Which Ford Focus model is best?

Ford Focus Titanium.

The best all-round Ford Focus.

Not the best for engine choice.

Ford Focus ST-Line.

Best Focus for sporty looks and good insurance premiums.

Not the best Focus for sporty engine choices.

Ford Focus Active.

Best for low-cost off-road styling.

Not the best for actually going off-road..

What is the best used Ford Focus to buy?

Our favourite model is the Ford Focus Titanium 1.6-litre TDCi. We feel the small extra outlay for Titanium is worthwhile for the extra features, but a Ghia or Zetec with the same engine will get the job done just as well, while not feeling quite so indulgent.

What does Zetec mean on a Ford Focus?

Zetec is a trim level offered across numerous Ford models. It fits between the more basic Studio and Style models and the range-topping Titanium line. Zetec is available on all mainstream Fords and costs around £3,000 more than the most basic models.

Is Zetec a good engine?

The Ford Focus Zetec can be had with a choice of three petrol engines and three diesels. … It economical at 58.9mpg but not a shade on the 1.5-litre diesel engine, which is capable of a much better 74.3mpg. Pick of the bunch is the 123bhp EcoBoost, which is fast, frugal (56.5mpg) and cheaper than the diesel.

What used cars to avoid?

Worst Used CarsModelYear(s) to AvoidFordFocus2012-2017FordMustang2015-2016, 2018FordRanger2019GMCAcadia2011-2013, 2016-2017, 2020118 more rows•Jan 4, 2021

Why did Ford stop making the focus?

To that end, the compact Ford Focus is being discontinued in the U.S. It was originally set to be reimagined next year as a small crossover SUV-like wagon built in China called the Focus Active. However, Ford has since decided to cancel the wagon due to import tariffs that would make it unprofitable.

Are Ford Focus good reliable cars?

Yes, the 2018 Ford Focus is a great choice for those who want a sporty compact car. … The 2018 Focus has many strengths: Above-average predicted reliability rating.

Is Zetec better than titanium?

The Titanium contains the most premium car features, such as chrome door handles and cool interior ambient lighting. Unlike the other two models, the Titanium features an Ecoboost engine which gives the car a little extra driving character, and also has a strong engine, which is able to reach 62mph in only 8.9 seconds.

What’s the difference between Zetec and Zetec S?

The Ford Fiesta Zetec S is the model up from the Ford Zetec and gets a number of sporty touches that give it a more striking look. It gets bigger 16-inch alloy wheels, a full body kit, sportier front foglights, a more aggressive grille, rear spoiler, and sports suspension.

Why do Fords have a bad reputation?

16 They’re Unreliable Cars Several of the company’s standout cars, such as the Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta, have often scored low on the reliability scale, citing problems with cooling fans, car leaks, and in-car entertainment as major issues.

What is the best year for a Ford Focus?

Compared by model year, identified the 2000-2003 and 20012-2014 model years as the most troublesome for the Ford Focus. Other model years proved much more reliable. Improvements finally showed in the 2015 Focus and the 2018-2019 Focuses received fewer complaints.

Is Zetec like VTEC?

Home of the KINGS!!! There is a big difference between the ZETEC and VTEC. The main difference is valve timing and w/ i-VTEC they also control cam timing. Honda has the upper hand when it comes to high performance engines.

Is the Ford Focus a bad car?

Although the 2014 Ford Focus ranks high on CarComplaints’ worst vehicles list, there’s another Ford Focus on it, as well. The 2012 Focus is #13 on that list. In addition to the transmission problems, 2012 Focus owners report the car is prone to steering issues.

How many miles will my Ford Focus last?

now tenurats old and has more than 330,000 kms on the clock, still running smoothly! Ford focuses have been known to last over ten years or 100,000 miles plus, depending on the vehicle’s history.

Who makes the Zetec engine?

Ford Motor CompanyFord Zetec engine/Manufacturers