Question: Can Someone Else Drive My GoGet?

Can someone else drive my GoGet car?

4.1 Appointing additional drivers (b) you must pay the Application Fee for the Additional Driver (unless agreed otherwise).

We may in our sole discretion accept or deny any Additional Driver application or remove an Additional Driver from your Membership..

Can I cancel my GoGet booking?

To make changes, click your booking on the day page of the Booking System, or use the Manage tab on the GoGet App. There you can cancel your booking, and adjust the start or end times.

Is go get worth it?

GoGet… the good and not so good: It’s convenient, easy and fun to book a car online, then go pick it up. If you don’t live in an area with many goget pods nearby, it wouldn’t be worth joining up.

Where do I return GoGet car?

All GoGet bookings are return trips. You must return your car to its home location at the end of your booking. If you are unable to return the vehicle back to the allocated pod, because another car is parked there or some other obstruction, please SMS 0427 777 769 with the new location.

How do I cancel my GoGet account?

You can downgrade or cancel your membership from the “My Account” section of the website. Login in to your GoGet Account here to check out what plan you are on, downgrade your GoGet plan or close your account.

How do you lock GoGet?

Turn everything off. Before getting out of the car, make sure the key is out of the ignition, all the lights are off, and the doors and windows are closed. Then lock the car by swiping your smart card.

How do I book GoGet for a day?

Book a car on goget at the daily rateStart booking time. Select the start time for your booking by clicking on the “Green Man” at the hour your booking should start. … Book a full 24 hours (or at least 9 hours) Select the same hour in the next day. … Click “confirm”

How much does GoGet cost?

How much does GoGet cost? GoGet plans range from $49 a year to $30 a month, and cars start at $6.50 an hour or $76 a day. GoGet covers the cost of fuel, rego, insurance, and maintenance. We include 150km free for day bookings.

Who owns GoGet?

GoGet was launched as Newtown CarShare on 6 June 2003 with three vehicles and twelve founding members….GoGet.IndustryCarsharingKey peopleNic Lowe and Bruce JeffreysServicesCarsharingOwnerCarShare Australia, Archer CapitalWebsite more rows

How do I use my GoGet fuel card?

GoGet always pays for petrol, we we rely on you to fill up. Our cars have a motorpass fuel cards inside, which will let you fill up at most major petrol stations. The PIN for the fuel card is in your booking confirmation email, and in the GoGet app under “Manage Bookings”.