Quick Answer: How Do I Upload Photos From IPhone To Alexa?

How do I upload photos from iPhone to Amazon?

Upload Photos and Videos Using the iOS AppOpen Amazon Photos.Tap More.Select Upload Photos and Videos.Press on Camera Roll.Select the photos and videos you want to upload.Tap Upload..

Does echo work with iPhone?

Best answer: Both the iPhone and iPad play nice with Amazon’s entire lineup of Echo smart speakers. As long as the device uses Amazon Alexa, compatibility is guaranteed.

Can I delete photos after uploading to Amazon photo?

Press and hold the photo until a check mark appears. If you want to select more photos or videos, tap once on each additional one. De-select a checked item by tapping it again. From the three dots icon, tap Move to Trash.

How do I upload an image to Alexa?

Upload Photos and Videos Using a Web BrowserOpen Amazon Photos.Select the Add icon on the top right.Choose Upload photos or Upload folder.Click the photos you want to upload.

Can you send photos to echo show?

Get the free Amazon Photos app (formerly called the Prime Photos app) for your iPhone. Once you have the app, you can use it to upload photos from your iPhone to the online Amazon Photos account that’s being used by the Echo Show (such an account is free for storing up to 5 gigabytes of photos.)